Integrating SiteBar into Firefox

There are many ways of using SiteBar as a Firefox bookmark manager. See screenshots with various examples. We recommend Firefox Extension developed by Bas Burger. This installation is a one-time activity.

  1. Check you are currently browsing the Web using Firefox.
  2. Click Install Now to install SiteBar Client for Firefox 3.0 - 4.0. At the moment it still waits for rewiev by Mozilla but can be installed.
Firefox Extension Installation 2
  1. Firefox Software Installation dialog will be displayed.
  2. Press button Install Now.
  3. The extension will be installed. When finished, it is necessary to quit Firefox and start it again.
Firefox Extension
  1. Press Alt+Shift+D to open SiteBar sidebar.
  • Hint: If Alt+Shift+D does not work for you, you might want to change SiteBar Client Preferences for keyboard shortcuts.
  1. See how to add a link using Firefox Extension.

Changing Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox Extension Preferences
  1. Click on the Preferences icon. SiteBar Client Options dialog shown below will be displayed.
Firefox Extension Keyboard Preferences
  1. In the SiteBar Client Options dialog select Keyboard.
Firefox Extension Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Change Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. Press button [OK].

If you need more information, you may use technical SiteBar Help or visit help forum. Questions and suggestions related to or this website send directly to the administrators.