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Development Team

SiteBar 3 Role Contribution
Ondřej Brablc
Project Manager Milestones definition, task distribution.
Architect Complete redesign of 2.x series.
Developer Vast majority of the code.
Skin Designer Author of "Modern" and "Cornflower" skins.
Plugin Author Maxthon, Firefox SiteBar and Weblinks customized plugin generators.
Modifications of the Firefox SiteBar extension (version 0.2.0).
SiteBar "Mail Gate" plugin.
Translator Translation to Czech language.
Bas Burger Plugin Author Author of SiteBar SideBar extension for Mozilla Firefox.
Gunnar Wrobel
Developer Favicon cache, and page parser.
Translator Translation to German language.
Skin Designer Author of "Olive" skin.
Technician Gentoo Ebuild
Stephane Schitter
I18N Manager Internationalization manager.
Translator Translation to French language.
Rui Umbelino Plugin Author
Author of Maxthon plugins.
Translator to Portuguese language.
Translators Translator Translations to various languages.
David Szego
Promoter record maintainer
Skin Designer Author of "Classic" skin.
Alexis Isaac
Skin Designer Author of "System" skin.
Developer Add Page to MS IE code (ctxmenu.php).
Jason Sawtelle Skin Designer Author of "Mozilla Modern" skin.
Andreas Banze Supporter Registration of till March 2005.
Kevin Coyner
Zac Sprackett
Technician Debian package
Vlad Kout Beta Tester Active beta tester.
Andreas Gohr Developer LDAP authentication code.
SiteBar 2 Role Contribution
David Szego
Project Founder Founder of SiteBar project.
Architect Original SiteBar paradigm and design.
Ondřej Brablc Developer Bookmark import in 2.4 and other small things.
The site and services are proudly provided by SiteBar authors. SiteBar is free open source software. Copyright © 2003-2023 Ondřej Brablc, © 2004 SiteBar Team, © 2003 David Szego.