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SiteBar Server Requirements

You need to check this page only in case you decide not to use SiteBar Services but to run your own Sitebar server. Before you download SiteBar please check that you have decent web server, PHP and MySQL. If you are not sure about versions, then please read further down:


  1. Webspace with about 2MB space (deleting unnecessary localizations and skins may save 1MB).
  2. PHP 4.1.0 or higher
    • MySQL integration - having PHP and MySQL installed is sometimes not enough, depending on the PHP package used. You may need to enable MySQL extension and restart your web server (see below).
    • Version check - SiteBar does PHP check and will not run with lower version (you may use SiteBar 3.0.2 instead). Translator requires PHP 4.3.0.
    • E-mail features - SiteBar uses SMTP server to send verification emails, or emails to reset user's password. PHP must be properly configured to allow use of PHP's mail function.
    • Codepage conversions - in case you come from non Western (ISO-8859-1) countries and want to import/export your bookmarks with special characters, you will need to enable one of ICONV, LIBICONV or RECODE extensions. Only ICONV extension has been tested and is known to work. You may need to enable ICONV extension and restart your web server (see below).
  3. MySQL database
    • the oldest known compatible version is 3.23.58
    • SiteBar was tested with various 4.x versions
    • database space aproximately 1-2kb per link including favicons.
  4. Outbound connection - SiteBar contains a favicon cache and a link validator, they both need to connect to a remote server from your server.

PHP Extensions

Extension is a dynamically loadable module for PHP. It is specified in php.ini file in section [extension section]. If you wish to add an extension, locate your php.ini file and add line like - please use proper file extension (see below).

  • Windows - C:\Windows\php.ini:
    • php_mysql.dll
    • php_iconv.dll
  • Linux - /etc/php.ini:

Web Server Restart

  • Linux - /usr/sbin/rcapache2 restart.
  • Windows - net stop Apache2 followed by net start Apache2.
The site and services are proudly provided by SiteBar authors. SiteBar is free open source software. Copyright © 2003-2023 OndÅ™ej Brablc, © 2004 SiteBar Team, © 2003 David Szego.