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Online Bookmark Manager powered by SiteBar Services

We are glad to introduce a premium online bookmark manager offering the full set of SiteBar features, incl. bookmark import, bookmark export, bookmark sharing, favicon cache, link validation, email features and secure bookmarks online access (SSL), daily backup. This easy to use bookmark organizer is available in more than 20 languages and offers an excellent option to bookmark synchronization.

SiteBar.org runs on a dedicated host with guaranteed traffic and response time and it is fully administered by SiteBar authors. In order to offer and sustain first class service we are offering memberships stated in table below.

Note that you may run the SiteBar server yourself using our open source GPL software.

Membership Basic Standard Premium Admin
Price/month1 free €0.69 €0.99 €9.99
Installation shared shared shared dedicated
Disk Space no limit no limit no limit 1GB
Traffic/month no limit no limit no limit 5GB
Number of Users 1 1 1 no limit
Daily Backup YES YES YES YES
Links 500 1000 no limit no limit
Ads Free3 - YES YES YES
Undelete Function - YES YES YES
Bookmark Sharing - - YES YES
Create Groups - - YES YES
Create Trees - - YES YES
Live Bookmarks - - YES YES
SSL Access4 - - YES YES
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1) Paid annually. You may fix the price for future by using "Subscribe" button. If you use the "Buy Now" button you will have to renew manually for actual price. 3) No advertisement is shown for paid memberships. 4) With valid certificate issued by trusted authority (check seal on our secure server).

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Sign-Up It is recommended that you first sign-up for the Basic membership and only if you are satisfied and want more power, then you buy subscription using one of the buttons above.
Login Using HTTP - unsecured connection.
Secure Login Connect via HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) - secured connection for Premium members only.

Terms of Service

SiteBar Services run on dedicated host with guaranteed 99% availability and excellent response time. In case the total unplanned outage exceeds 1% of the subscription time, you are entitled to get your subscription fee back for the whole subscription period (up to 12 months).

When your pre-paid period terminates without renewal, you will be informed via email within first 30 days after termination. If you do not renew your paid membership within 90 days from termination, your membership will be reset to Basic.

If you do not use your Basic membership longer then 60 days, you will receive an information email informing about potential account disposal. If you do not use it longer then 90 days, your account may be deleted without further notice.

Any change of Privacy Policy or Terms of Service is sent as an information email to the users of paid memberships. Users may ask for proportional subscription fee refund in case new conditions would reduce their possibility to use the service.

We send information email only to users, who have verified their email address and allowed sending of information emails. In all other cases (including email failure on recipient side) we may perform the tasks without searching for alternative ways how to inform the user.