Logging In

Log In

To keep your bookmarks private, you have to be logged in in order to access your bookmarks online.

  1. Click on any Login link to open a dialog shown on the picture. Premium members can use secure SSL connection and log in by clicking Login to my.sitebar.org using secure SSL connection. in the header of the page.
  2. Username - enter your user name.
  3. Password - enter your password.
  4. Remember Me - your browser can remember your password for a specified period. Note that this can compromise security of your online bookmarks if other persons have access to the same computer. There are the following options:
    • Until I close browser
    • 12 hours
    • 6 days
    • 1 months
    • Maximum session time
  5. Press button [Submit].

If you need more information, you may use technical SiteBar Help or visit help forum. Questions and suggestions related to my.sitebar.org or this website send directly to the administrators.