Adding a Link Using Firefox Extension

This page shows how to add a link to SiteBar using Firefox extension. See SiteBar Integration into Firefox for instructions how to install Firefox Extension.

Add Link Button
  1. Check you are currently browsing the Web using Firefox.
  2. Press Alt+Shift+D to open SiteBar sidebar.
  • Hint: If Alt+Shift+D does not work for you, you might want to change SiteBar Client Preferences for keyboard shortcuts.
  1. You have to be logged in to SiteBar to access and manage favorites online.
  2. Click on the Add Page icon to add link to the currently displayed page. An Add Link dialog shown below will be displayed.
  • Hint: As an equivalent you can also press Alt+Shift+A any time to bookmark online the currently displayed page, even without opening SiteBar sidebar. If Alt+Shift+A does not work for you, you might want to change SiteBar Client Preferences for keyboard shortcuts.

Add Link Dialog

Add Link Dialog
  1. Parent Folder - select a parent folder where your new link will be created.
  2. Create New Sub Folder - enter a name for new subfolder in which the new link should be created. Leave empty if the new link should be created directly in the parent folder.
  3. Remember as Default - check this if you expect to add more links to this folder soon. Next time a link will be added this parent folder will be offered again.
  4. URL - enter an URL of the link you want to add.
  5. Retrieve Link Information - a button which retrieves Link Name and Favicon for the URL entered in the URL field. Once pressed the button disappears (as shown on the picture).
  6. Link Name - enter a name for the link you want to add. This name will be displayed in SiteBar.
  7. Favicon - a favicon's URL.
  8. Description - for each link a description can be entered. This description is shown instead of URL when a link is pointed by the mouse.
  9. Target - a target on the linked page can be entered. Leave this field empty if you don't want the browser to scroll to a specific location on the bookmarked page.
  10. Private - links that are marked as private will not be shared even if they are in a shared folder.
  11. Exclude from Validation - if you have some password protected or Intranet links, then you should tick this on. Validator will then skip those links and will not mark them as dead.
  12. Link Capacity - this field is read only, a maximum number of allowed links depends on the SiteBar membership you have chosen.
  13. Press button [Submit].

If you need more information, you may use technical SiteBar Help or visit help forum. Questions and suggestions related to or this website send directly to the administrators.